Thursday, August 13, 2015

Lots more fun at A&B's Camp

When we arrive early in the morning the kids are usually playing on their tablets while we grab a cup of coffee and some breakfast.
Here they are hamming it up in JJ's bed.

After breakfast Danica got busy organizing our family election.  She studied the local candidates, made up a ballot box and ballots, and we all had to vote.   I think she is tabulating the results on my iPad here.

Here is her list of candidates, and the sample vote is cast.  The winner of our family election was the Liberal candidate.   Here's hoping Justin really pulls it off and Harper is out of here.
Next on the agenda was a visit to the library.
Books were selected, and each kid joined the summer reading program.
While Danica checked out the magazines, JJ and Buppa read a book.
Time to go outside and play on the library lawn and get rid of some excess energy
While JJ climbed on the canons, Danica worked on her balance beam routine
Having lots of fun
Good jumping.
We let her wander around with my camera, and she snapped this picture of us for a change. 

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