Monday, August 24, 2015

Dragon Ball 2015 - Talent Show - Saturday afternoon

One of the main events at the Dragon Ball Weekend was the talent show held Saturday afternoon.  It was a very hot day, but we put our chairs out under the big shade trees, and enjoyed the show.  As you can see from the streamers there was a nice breeze so that helped cool things down a bit.
After everyone was seated in the shade under the big trees in the yard, the  Dragon Mistresses stood in the stage area and welcomed everyone to the event.  They looked lovely, and did a wonderful job with the welcome, and the introductions of each act.
The first act of the day was a magic show put on by Lukas and his most competent assistant, Rosie.
Different members of the audience were asked to come up and help with the act.  Here we see Danica trying to guess which cup the treat is under.   Great act Lukas.  Well done Rosie.
The crowd was thoroughly entertained, and clapped loudly for each act.
The next act to perform is JJ, Amma and Buppa to lead us in a rousing sing-a-long of Puff the Magic Dragon
It was difficult to read the words with that mask on, but JJ did a good job, and Puff the Magic Dragon never sounded so good.
Next up was an interpretive free-style dance by Danica.
She lost her shoes, but like a pro, she kept on dancing and did a great job.
Rosie really got into the swing of things, and did an impromptu act called "Running away from the boys."
After the Tuckers were thanked for hosting the event,  and everyone else was thanked for traveling great distances to get there, the Grand Finale was introduced.
And in came the dragon!!!!   Mike is in the lead, next came Brian, then Sarah, Heather, Gemma and Jyn. 

What total fun
Once the dragon was in the stage area, all the dragonettes joined in the fun, and danced around in the dragon costume.  It was big enough for everyone to join in. 
Dragon Happy faces
Dragon silly faces
Dragon jumping faces.
Post show relaxing and visiting
The guest of honour was a big hit. 
Next up....the Dragon Ball.  Let the dancing begin.

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