Thursday, August 06, 2015

Amma and Buppa's Summer Camp Day 1

OK, camera has been dealt with, and pictures retrieved.  Yahoo!
Danica started the day with a muffin and a chat with Buppa.  The best part of holidays is a lazy easy start to the day.
After breakfast it was time for Danica to finish cleaning her room.
She had a lot of work to do as she wanted to reorganize lots of stuff too.  It took her most of the morning, but she did an excellent job.
JJ cleaned his room yesterday, so he played quietly in his room while Danica and I worked away on hers.
Buppa soon joined JJ for game time, then they moved outside to tend to some yard work.
This guy kept his eye on the neighbours while JJ and Buppa got to work
The front yard is very small, and the recent heat wave fried the grass, but the weeds flourished and needed a trim.

While Buppa wielded the lawn mower, JJ went after the weeds with his sword.
All in all a good day.  We got lots of work done, but also had fun and made happy memories. 

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