Monday, August 31, 2015

Bridge Street Bazaar and other things

Now that I have worked my way through all the pictures from the Dragon Ball, I am scrambling for pictures to finish off this week.  We are on holiday for the rest of the week, but the weather has been so rainy every day, we have been housebound, and my camera has been relegated to the back seat of the car, gathering dust back there.  Sigh!

We start another tour-of-duty with the kids this week and then school starts for another year the following week.  Where has the summer gone?

I heard geese flying overhead the other morning, and hints of colour are appearing in some trees in the area.  Yes, the season is about to change, and autumn will soon be here in all it glorious colour.  Yahoo!  I do love this time of year full of warm sunny days, cool nights,  and colour, colour, colour.

Seeing as I will be busy with the kids next week, I decided to get a head start on my seasonal decorating changes this week.  All my summer colours in the living room and dining room were packed away so browns and golds could replace them.  These colours will stay until the end of October when red and green will take over until after Christmas.   I like to do this with the changing of the seasons as it makes the place seem fresh and new, even though the knick-knacks, cushions, table cloths etc, are the same ones I use year after year. 

I even got out my bag of wool last night to sort through it, and will soon pick out my fall and winter crochet project, then go on the hunt for the perfect wool for said project.  Sing along with me... And the seasons, they go round and round, and the painted ponies go up and down.......

Here are a few pictures I found in the bottom of the pile from the Bridge Street Bazaar earlier this summer. 

This one booth featured bird feeders fashioned out of old teacups glued together.  Very creative and might look pretty tucked in the corner of a garden.
I resisted the urge to buy a bird feeder, but soon found a few other items that tempted me to dig into my wallet.
The best part about attending a local event is meeting good friends along the way.
My artist friend looked lovely and cool in her flamboyant blue hat.   It was a very hot day, and I wish I had worn my hat too.
I don't know how faithful I will be posting blogs this week as we will be busier than busy with the kids, but I will do my best to post something.  Stay tuned....

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MARY G said...

My grandkid goes to her first day of middle school tomorrow. French Language board goes in a week earlier than the others. She has 'funky' new jeans (?!) and is 'a little nervous', she told doting grandfather.
Cripes, Sue, she's almost grown up. Picture me whimpering a little as you have a week with your 'still children' grandkids. Every moment is precious, right? Even if you are reduced to rag and bone by the end of the week.