Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Fall decorations

We are busy with the kids this week, and my picture file is almost empty, but I didn't want to skip a blog post today, so thought I would post a few fall decoration pictures for my own records.   
The garden is still in full bloom, but I removed all my summer flowers from inside the house, and pumpkins rule the day now.
I do like the fall colours after all the pastels of summer.
This is my favorite tea set, and it sits atop my teacart all autumn and then again for the rest of the winter after Christmas decs come down.  Allyson found this set for me in an antique shop in Calgary many years ago, and I feel like I am having a visit with her whenever I use it. The cups are paper thin, and  the artwork is beautiful on each cup.  I use my old Brown Betty teapot for my everyday black tea, but this set is perfect for my flavoured teas, and now that the weather is cooler more hot drinks are on order every day.  It will get lots of use all fall.
Autumn leaves everywhere.
Lots of candles will be lit now that the days are getting shorter, and I have all my candle holders at the ready.
Candles, candles, and more candles.

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