Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Back to school photos at Riverside

I am running about a week behind with my photos, but wanted to post these here for my own records, so if you have already been over to AC's blogs and these pictures are old news, just skip over today's blog.

AC wanted to take some back-to-school photos during the last week of August, so one day during our last week of babysitting, we packed up a picnic lunch, some books, our cameras, and other odds and ends, and headed to our local park.
Danica was quite taken with these glasses frames, and I thought she looked really cute and studious in them, so they were added to a few pictures.  She is enjoying one of her favorite Ivy and Bean books, and JJ is working his way through a Transformer book. 
They were quite happy to pose for Buppa
She has it down pat.
Good friends
A real star.

Perfect summer time activity

This is my favorite one

Ready for a new year


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