Monday, September 21, 2015

After school fun

The weather during the first full week of school was hot, hot, hot!  The kids came off the bus at the end of the day, red faced and sweaty, and in need of a cold drink and a snack.  After said administrations, we headed outside to play in the sunshine and fresh air for a while.
JJ had a little set of toy airplanes that he wanted to test fly.  It wasn't enough for him to stand in the grass and throw the planes.  He had to get the step stool out to give him added height.
The step-stool wasn't high enough either.  He had to get on top of the electrical box.  His middle name should be "climber".
Danica's good bike is at her house, but she makes do with this old bike at our house, and enjoys zooming up and down the street
Buppa has joined JJ at the "airport"...
...and they have made up a game to see whose plane will fly the furthest.
Dani continues to ride like the wind.
The snow will fly soon enough, so it is nice to get outside after school and soak in the sunshine while we can.

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