Thursday, September 10, 2015

More fun at Wheeler's

After lunch, there are lots of things for the kids to see and do at Wheeler's. A favorite thing for Dani was the zip-line. 
Here we are gathering at the top of the hill preparing for the first trip down the line.
Dani held on tightly, and started to make her way down the hill.  She was picking up speed at this point, and by the look on her face, I think she was wondering if she could hang on for the whole ride.
This is another view of the zip-line.  She is at the start of the ride in this picture, and goes all the way down to that gray building.  The small white rectangle is a huge hunk of foam to cushion the landing.  She hit it with a heck of a whallop, and it knocked the wind out of her, so for the next kazillion rides, she jumped off the line before hitting the foam, or Buppa broken her landing by slowing her down at the bottom.    Sadly we don't have any pictures of JJ on the zip-line, as I had to help him on at the top of the hill, and Buppa had to catch him at the bottom, so neither of us had time to grab our cameras for pics of him. 
Most of our time was spent at the zip-line, but when arms and hands needed a rest, we visited other attractions.
JJ liked this one the best. Sliding down was fun...
....climbing back up was the best challenge.
When he tired of the inside of the slide, he checked out the outside.

He is a climber!

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