Friday, September 18, 2015

Industrious kids

Shauna was getting ready to leave our house the other night, and she said come on JJ gather your stuff together and let's go. He said...."Just one more minutes until I finish this row of knitting."
Shauna turned to me and said...."Well, that's one thing I never thought I would hear JJ say to me...Let me finish my row of knitting!"  What a hoot
Yes, he is quite enjoying making something with this knitting loom.
Lots of concentration.

Danica has graduated to the straight loom, and I think she is working on a scarf.

Lots of concentration here too.
Quite the industrious pair indeed.

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MARY G said...

I had a spool knitter, but nothing that elaborate.Started Audrey on real knitting at age 10. She did okay but slow on big needles. Made a scarf for her mother for Christmas in about a month ... of course, hiding it from mom made it even slower.