Friday, September 04, 2015

Big help

Yes, Danica was a big help this week.
The dish gloves were a bit too big for her, but we managed to make them work, and she enjoyed doing the morning dishes
All done, and still smiling.  Good job Dani.
Later that day, she wanted to help with supper, so we put her to work browning the hamburger for a skillet meal.
She sure is growing up, and is a big help.  Thanks Dani we had a fun week with you guys!

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MARY G said...

By this time I hope you are out on your flower bedecked patio (looks amazing!) sipping on a restorative beverage and hoping the elementary teachers settle their idiotic contract dispute over the weekend.
Love the gloves thing. I can't get our grandgirl into a pair for any reason.