Monday, September 14, 2015

Shopping with the kids

I am still working through some pictures from our last week of childcare this summer so will take some time to catch up this week now that they are back in school, and I am trying to get back into a routine.

Buppa took JJ off in one direction and I took Dani in the other. 
Upton entering the store, we had to stop, so Dani could read all about the missing children.  She didn't just glance at the board, she studied it thoroughly.
Next stop was the book and magazine display.  Again, it was no quick stop. 
Of course we had to check out all the lip gloss and such.
Craft supplies were high on the list too.
I let her lead the way, and spend as much time as she wanted in each location.  At one point we ran into Buppa and JJ doing their thing, , but soon parted ways, with instructions to meet later for ice cream.
Oh oh, cameras caught her eye.
Finally, time for ice cream before checking out and heading home.
She was quite pleased to line up and check out her purchase all by herself. 

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