Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Picnic at Blakeney

Yes, I am still playing catch-up with my pictures from the summer.  It is so nice to be using a camera again instead of my iPad, that I find myself taking lots and lots and lots of pictures.
For our picnic, we found a table in the shade, but Dani wanted to sit in the sunshine while she munched her lunch. PB&J always tastes better outdoors.
JJ soon found a tree to climb.  This one was perfect, but it did lean out over the water which gave me a few gray hairs, but he managed to hang on tightly, and returned safely to shore.  Whew!
After lunch we all ventured down to the water's edge, and threw more than our share of stones into the water...kerplunk!
We then trekked further into the woods for another view of the water.
The water was really fast flowing in this spot, but Dani wanted to go into the water anyway.  She soon realized the rapids were too fast, and the rocks too slippery to enjoy safe water play, so I helped her dry her feet and get back into her shoes for the walk back to the car. 
We still had lots of afternoon stretching out in front of us, so we headed over to the Mill of Kintail to check out the new playground equipment, and then go for a swim in the river there.

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