Thursday, September 17, 2015

Water play at the Mill of Kintail 2015

We arrived at the Mill of Kintail after our picnic at Blakeney.
While the kids checked out the new playground equipment, I found a patch of shade to rest and re-group in.
The kids didn't mind the heat in the sunshine at all, and gave the new equipment a good workout.
JJ headed over to the water fountain for a drink, but the climber that he is, perched on the fountain instead of standing beside it.  
On the way down to the river to play in the water, we made many stops so he could check things out all along the way.
He was quite pleased with himself that he walked out to this rock by balancing along this fallen log. 
He soon joined Dani...
,,,and they both got into the water. 
They spent a long time looking for crayfish, frogs and other interesting river life.
Dani found a neat way to cool off
Then they thought they would wash the rocks!

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MARY G said...

I really like the water shots. Yep, that's kid heaven.