Monday, September 07, 2015

A typical day with the kids

Well, I survived our last few days of babysitting this summer and now it is time to post the rest of my pictures of our summer-camp fun. It sure is fun movin'-n-shakin' with the wee ones, but I was struggling to keep up last week I must say.  They are getting older, but so am I! 

We start off each day at the kid's place as it is just easier to tend to their needs at their own place.  Then we move into the rest of the day trying to plan fun outings and keep them busy.
While I puttered about in the kitchen fixin' the morning grub, Buppa shared some pictures with Dani.

At the lunch table, both kids had two chocolate chip cookies for dessert.  Well, they had to see if they could get the cookie to move from their forehead to their mouth, without using their hands. 
It required great concentration!
After lunch we headed to the library.  Dani and Buppa had a little chat on one of the comfy couches in the kid's area.
JJ found a quite spot to read a book.

After choosing her books, Dani made herself right at home while waiting for brother to finish his book.
This is a wonderful public library for a small town.  We are greeted by name when we walk in the door, and that makes us feel like family.   The kids are treated with respect too, and are made to feel special when they ask about a book or reading program.

A great big THANK YOU going out to our local library staff.  

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