Thursday, September 03, 2015

Tour-of-duty with the kids this week....puff, pant, gasp.....

Here it is Thursday, and I am going on fumes after almost a full week with the kids, but am still sort of sane....I think, and am even managing to post a blog.  Will wonders never cease?One more day to go, then I can regroup and recoup.  This young munchkins sure do keep an old body busy.

We arrived at the kid's place early each morning and this is what greeted us. 
Danica lounging in bed, not quite ready to get up, but she has her smile ready to brighten the day. 
JJ was usually up, sitting at the kitchen table waiting for breakfast, but his smiles take a little longer to arrive.
Once Danica is up, we have a little visit while we munch our toast.  We are practicing the pinky wave, so we are ready if we are ever invited to the palace to have breakfast with the Queen.
Danica has it down pat.
Yes we are ready for our invite to the palace!

1 comment:

Lorna said...

Castle is highly over-rated. At Tim's they like the pinky wqave though