Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Autumn walk at the Mill of Kintail - Part 3

Now that I have run back and forth across the bridge a few times Amma, let's throw more leaves into the river...
now lift me up so I can see better.
This is what we could see from this spot on the bridge. Pretty huh?
We left the bridge and continued on our walk. It was slow going though because we had to stop at each little bench ...
so Smudge could be a tightrope walker.

She then found this perfect stick, and decided that it was time to go fishing.
Amma took her down to the water's edge...
sat her on a rock, and she went fishing.
She really wanted to get her feet in the water, so Amma had to stay close at hand to make sure she stayed on dry ground.

I think this picture says it all. She was having a grand and glorious time.
So was Amma.

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Bernie said...

Such cute pictures cuppa, and I can tell how much you enjoy smudge and jboy which fills my heart for all of you......:-)Hugs