Friday, September 10, 2010

A-Team visit - Part 14 - Misc

OK, I am almost done posting pictures of our visit to Riverwood with the A Team. I have a few assorted pictures that are just too good not to post, but they are in a hodge-podge order. Here they are for my enjoyment and yours too if you want to take a browse through.

This is my favorite picture of Smudge.
I love this quiet moment with Auntie Alycia too.
We found a broken butterfly in the back yard one afternoon and Smudge was quite taken with the piece of wing we found in the grass. She was very gentle with it and sad.
We didn't want to chance packing up a wet tent on the morning that we had to leave the farm so we packed it up the afternoon before and slept in the farmhouse on our last night there. Look who woke us up the next morning. The rascal.
Auntie Alycia made Smudge "Toad in the Hole" for breakfast. Yum!
Jboy wants some too.
Caught you D2. Is the toast yummy?
D2 and D3 having a snuggle.
D2 hamming it up.
Smudge and Jinu planing their next caper.
D1 enjoying a quiet moment alone on the porch.
Helping Auntie Sarah feed Jinu.
Helping Auntie Mary carry her bags to the car on the day they had to leave.
Time to say good-bye to some of the clan.
Sitting quietly for a change. Not for long though!
Time to say good-bye to Jinu. Smudge and Jboy wanted to go with him. What fun they had together.

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Bernie said...

Great pictures, D2 looks like her mum......:-)Hugs