Monday, September 06, 2010

A-Team visit - Part 10 Anniversary Celebration

The girls celebrated their second anniversary while at the farm, so we thought it would be fun to open a bottle of champagne and toast the happy day with them.
Cousin Sarah was in Korea teaching two years ago so she wasn't at the wedding. It was nice to have her there for the anniversary celebrations .
The A Team opened a couple of small gifts and cards...

and then it was time to eat. Kids first. Jboy thought that his food would taste better if he wore Uncle Brian's hat.
Cute huh?
The rest of the clan visited while the kids ate.

Then it was time for us to chow down too. MMMMM, Brian and I can hardly wait to fill our plates.

The kids kept themselves happy and busy while we munched our lunch!
I think Jinu might want some of Jboy's milk.
Time for a lesson on how to say apple.
The cousins seemed to enjoy each others company and got on very well together.

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