Monday, October 27, 2008

Grandmaman's Visit

Mommy went on a little holiday this past weekend, so Grandmaman came to help Daddy babysit. Smudge thought this was great fun, as lots of time was spent snuggling and playing with Grandmaman.
I grabbed the camera to get a picture, and Smudge soon had us all in hysterics with her antics. When she saw me with the camera she scrunched up her face in a phony smile and hammed it up for the camera. What a hoot. She has never done this before and we all thought it was quite funny.
When we all started to laugh at what she was doing, she looked at us as if to say "What? Am I not supposed to smile for the camera????
Here she is pulling the same face for a picture with Daddy. Goodness she was funny.
Oh Smudgester. You do make us laugh and brighten our days. What a cutie you are.


methatiam said...

WOW, has she gotten BIG!

Cuppa said...

Me - Well hello there. Nice to hear from you again. Where have you been? Hope you and C are keeping well and are enjoying life.