Wednesday, October 01, 2008

But I don't like them!

I am afraid I'm fighting a losing battle with Smudge over this one. She has the most beautiful hair, but it tends to get a tad messy at times, so we have tried every hair clip, elastic, pin, hair band, and whathaveyou know to woman and...

...within two seconds the hands are up at the head and out they come!

The look on her face says it all doesn't it? Yep, I'm fighting a losing battle.


Jules said...

LOL Natalie is the same way. Mind you, she doesn't have a lot of hair yet but I'm trying to get her used to having her hair up. With Rachel I can only use the cheap tangle free elastics from the dollar store. She won't let me put anything else in her hair. God help me when she's older :)

Cuppa said...

Jules - she is such a scamp. We have tried every elastic and clip we can find, and nothing stays in more that two seconds. I thought if I kept putting them in she would get tired of pulling them out, but - nope!

We have a drawer full of hair clips and elastics in every shape, size, colour, and type, but nothing meets with Her Royal Fussbudgetness's approval. Sigh!

You are right - God help us when they get older!