Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Southwood Walk

After our most fantabulous drive up to Riverwood, we were ready to walk the trails and explore nooks and crannies at the farm that the bugs keep us out of most of the summer. We headed across the fields to the Swimming Hole, then sauntered along Southwood Walk. The path was carpeted with leaves that crinkled and crackled with each step we took, and that made the walk so much fun.
This is a view of the river from Southwood Walk..
and a view of the Playner Mill and Old Barn, from a little further along the path. You can only see their roofs in this picture.
We emerged from Southwood Walk and headed up to Hawthorne Point where I took this picture of the Playner Mill, Old Barn and the Farmhouse.
Joy! Joy! Joy! We had the most marvelous weekend.


Ruth said...

Looks like an idyllic place for an October weekend. We have enough fallen leaves now to crunch underfoot. Too bad you cannot capture the sounds and smells of autumn in a blog.

Jules said...

Just beautiful!

As I type this, I take a quick look in our backyard and all I see are green leaves on our trees. I guess that's what happens when your husband is an arborist and he fertilizes the trees!

The leaves should change and fall off by November. I'm not kidding! lol