Saturday, October 18, 2008

Nice surprise

Just before we set off on our Riverwood trip we stopped at the mail box, and there was a parcel waiting for me there. Oh joy, what could this be? It isn't my birthday or close to any other special days. What could this be? I didn't open it right away, because I like to pinch and squeeze the parcel, ponder the contents, try to guess what it is, and why it was sent, before I open it. There was a return address, so I knew who it was from, but that didn't give me any hints at all.

After the car was packed and we were about to set off, I opened the box and discovered this cute little necklace inside from D3's mom. She has one just like it, and when she saw this one in the airport gift shop on her way home after the wedding she bought it for me, to celebrate the fun we had over early morning cups of coffee during her stay with us.
Isn't it cute? It warmed my heart, and when I wear it I think of E and the fun we had celebrating our girl's wedding.
When my sister saw it on the weekend she said
"Cuppa, what a perfect necklace for you!"
I think so too.
As you can see from the paper clip beside it, it is just a tiny thing, but magically large enough to hold all the wonderful memories surrounding the most beautiful wedding, and bring them all flooding back each time I wear it.

Thank you dear sister-of-the-heart! I love it.

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Anonymous said...

Alycia just showed me your blog and it immediately brought tears to my eyes. How wonderful to know your enjoyment How I loved being with you. And surprisingly today I received a wonderful note from a special person with the loveliest teacup on the front. I hope you know just how special you are.
I also hope we get to celebrate more wonderful things.