Sunday, October 19, 2008

Music at the Mill

We were treated to another sunny day on Saturday, so we grabbed our hiking boots, warm jackets and hot coffee, then hit the walking trails at the Mill of Kintail.
As we walked along we thought we could hear strains of music filtering through the trees, but the brush is pretty dense in some areas, so we couldn't see anything at first.
But, around one bend in the path we happened upon these fiddlers enjoying the sunshine in a clearing beside the river. As we got closer AC discovered that he knew both of them from the Celtic Jams he has been attending in town. We stopped and chatted, then sat on a log and listened for awhile. Other hikers stopped to listen too, then continued on their way. Before we left Bob passed his violin to AC and asked him to play a tune. AC obliged, and sounded great I might add.

What a unique place the Ottawa Valley is. Music is everywhere, and we love it.

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