Friday, August 06, 2010

Foto Friday just for Grandmama!

Poor Grandmama hasn't seen pics of the kidlets since we went away, so this is an emergency post just for her.

Chillin' out on the deck with juice and cookies after...
...chasing bubbles.

AC was watching the news yesterday morning and look who wanted to join Buppa for the latest update on what was happen' in the world.
Smudge has been having trouble with her ears, so we have to put drops in each one two or three times a day. She has to keep her head to the side so the drops soak in instead of running down her neck. We try to keep her comfy and quiet for about 10 minutes, then switch sides and do it all over again. We let her snuggle with Buppa, and we play quiet music while she lets the drops soak in. This is what happened yesterday. She and Buppa fell asleep and stayed that way for about half an hour.

Hope this helps Grandmama. See you soon!

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Bernie said...

I'm not grandmama but I so enjoyed seeing the kids pictures cuppa, I am sure they are very happy you are home.......:-) Hugs