Friday, August 06, 2010

Day 2 - Edmundston to Saint John NB

Our first stop on the way to St John was at Grand Falls. Not much water was cascading over the rocks while we were there, so all we saw was a bunch of dry rock. Not a Grand Fall anywhere to be seen!
Hmmmm, what to do now?
Oh I know...visit the gift shop. I didn't buy anything, but had fun looking.
Don't know the significance of this statue, but AC thought it was worth a picture.
On our way back to the car we noticed this open air market and decided to pay it a visit.
What fun. We enjoyed live music while we shopped and people were dancing in the parking lot.
I watched for a little while, but was soon off inspecting all that glitters.
This was such a busy market there was a crossing guard posted by the parking lot at the Grand Falls tourist centre to help people cross the road safely to the market. I love the thoughtfulness. The crossing guard was a real sweetie and couldn't get over the fact that I wanted my picture taken with him.
All in all it was a fun morning and we were refreshed and ready to get back in the car and make tracks for St John.

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Bernie said...

The crossing guard is cute too! You look great in these pictures, what fun you must be having with your album....great memories..Hugs