Monday, August 09, 2010

Riverwood August 2010- Part 2

After our visit in the Playner Mill the kids hiked down to the swimming hole.
The water is really low right now, so they had a small but nice sandy area to play in. Smudge and Jinu got into it big time.
Their feet were pretty muddy when they got back to the farmhouse, so Auntie Mary helped Smudge wash up in the bathtub.
All that outdoor activity made everyone hungry so it was time for a snack. Mmmm, fruit cup and fish crackers for the munchkins. The adults waited for dinner.
Once the Hunger Bears had been quieted, Auntie Sarah helped Smudge and Jinu check out some fun hats to wear. Smudge picked one that Uncle Ben used to wear, while Jinu chose a big floppy sun hat that belonged to his Mommy.
The first thing Smudge had to do was run and show Uncle Ben what she had.
"Look Uncle Ben. How cute am I in your old hat."
I think Uncle Ben loved the way she looked in it.
Buppa thought she looked pretty darn cute too.

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Bernie said...

A hat for everyone by the looks of it, smudge looks so cute....:-)Hugs