Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day 5 Yarmouth NS - Part 3 - StanleyLobster

After we left Cape Forchu, we took a turn onto a little side road and drove past many, many, many lobster traps. The sign said we were going to visit Stanley Lobster . The girls sat at one of these unique picnic tables while St Paul went inside to inform the office that we were on the grounds, and AC wandered around taking pictures.
I had no idea what was in store for us, but St Paul informed us that we would need our coats, and we should follow him. We were then taken inside the main buildings and given an interesting tour of the operations. The pictures at this link Stanley Lobster give you a good idea of what we saw inside the buildings.

AC took this picture of one of the many tubs of lobsters awaiting processing. The lobsters are taken from these baskets, banded and stored in large crates submerged in near freezing water to await purchase and then shipped to locations all over the world.
This very kind worker offered to let me get up close and personal with this lobster. I declined!
Once outside again, we viewed the outdoor kitchen area where we could have the lobsters cooked on the spot for us.
We declined as St Paul wanted to cook them for us at home, then give us a lesson on lobster cracking. I had to go check the pot to see if the last customers left anything behind though. No deal, the pot was empty.
From the kitchen area we headed to the beach to relax in this comfy chair. I was once again looking for some lunch. This lobster claw was empty though.
We took a few more pictures then headed into town for some lunch.
Then it was home for a lesson in cooking and cracking lobsters! Hmmm? I am not sure if I am going to like this or not. Stay tuned.

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Bernie said...

We use to play on the floor with lobsters when we were little, then my dad cooked them. I can't imagine doing that now, now I just eat them........:-)Hugs