Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Day 9 - Grand Falls to home

Another sunny morning greeted us in Grand Falls, NB. This was the last leg of our journey home, but it would be another eleven hour day of driving, so we set off bright and early.
After an hour or so we were through New Brunswich and into Quebec. We stopped at many roadside rest areas in Quebec and enjoyed sunshine and blue skies at each stop.
The temperature was starting to rise as we got closer and closer to home, so we headed to shady areas whenever we could.
At this one rest stop we called Smudge to say hello and to tell her we would be home soon. She chatted to Buppa for quite a while.
The road through Quebec took us all along the shores of the St Lawrence River and the scenery was beautiful.

We encountered grid-lock traffic in Montreal, but after a half hour or so, we started to move again and in another hour we were in Ontario. Yahoo! Almost home. Only three more hours to go.

We arrived at our doorstep a tad weary, but safe and sound, around 5pm. Once the car was unpacked we had tea and toast for supper and then fell happily into bed. Oh joy, no long drive to face on the morrow.

Now that I have brought you home, I think I will start posting pics of the trip down. Stay tuned.


Lorna said...

There's nothing like toast or cereal for dinner! Every once in a while, there's a compelling reason, but even so, I sometimes just choose it. Special K with red berries or cinnamon raisin toast.

Cuppa said...

Lorna - So do I. Even if we haven't had a long day of travel behind us, sometimes toast and cereal is just the ticket! After all the restaurants I was more than ready for something simple from my own kitchen.

Bernie said...

I too fall into the toast or cereal for dinner every once in a while....and I get tired of restaurant food too. Loved your pictures Cuppa, the Maritimes are so pretty. So glad you had such a nice trip with friends and are now safely home, I imagine the little munchkins were very happy to see you both......:-) Hugs