Friday, August 13, 2010

Day 4 - Widow's Walk

Day four of our holiday dawned sunny and bright. Yahoo! We were scheduled to take the ferry to Digby Nova Scotia, so we were very glad that Mother Nature sent a sunny day our way for the three hour crossing of the Bay of Fundy from St John New Brunswick to Digby Nova Scotia.

The picture below is the view from my bedroom window that morning. Ah what a treat for my eyes after all the rain and fog of yesterday.
We packed our bags and then headed down to the breakfast room for some sustenance for the day. We were served a delicious hot breakfast and also had lots of side dishes of fruit, muffins and breads to choose from. I highly recommend this B&B for it's food, but the stairs...well that's another story.
When we were wandering around taking pictures outside we could see a Widow's Walk from the back garden so we asked the owner if we could go up there to take some pictures before we left. He gladly gave his permission.

The first set of stairs on the main floor looked inviting.
We wound our way up and up...
and up. Each flight of stairs getting a little darker and a little less inviting than the one before..
We finally reached the final flight of stairs and found this notice on the door at the bottom of the stairs.
Being a Princess at heart I just had to go in and look at the job application. Oh, tower dungeon indeed. I didn't apply for the princess job after all! I quietly closed the door and continued on my way.
We timidly ascended the last flight of stairs and were quite surprised to find this delightful room at the top.
Below is the view to be seen from the wicker chair in the picture above.
That same chair is on the left in the picture below, and this is where the woman of the house would sit to watch for her man returning home from sea.
AC took a few pictures...
then we made our way back down the stairs and wended our way to the ferry dock to await the Digby ferry.
So long New Brunswick. Nova Scotia here we come!


Bernie said...

I love that special room with the wicker furniture cuppa, it looks so fresh....Saint John is well known for its rain, fog and hilly streets. Not my favorite city but I had a sister who lived there several years and loved it....:-)Hugs

Cuppa said...

Bernie - I loved that room too. It was so bright and crisp and airy. Especially after passing through the tower dungeon to get to it. I think I would love to spend many an afternoon up there if I lived in that house.