Monday, August 16, 2010

Day 5 Yarmouth NS - Part 1

Another sunny day was sent our way and we made ready to enjoy it to the fullest. The two gardeners talked gardens for a while...
and the two old friends talked life in the garden.
Then we set off on our adventure for the day. Not far from our friend's home we saw this abandoned houseboat. A family actually lived there for a while, not many years ago, but now it is just an old ruin that adds an interesting touch to the landscape.
We stopped many times along the way to inspect monuments...
capture scenes of daily life on the water...
and try to capture the beauty of this windy coastline.

We walked the beaches...
and I put my toes in the water, but mostly I enjoyed walking down memory lane with my friend while we toured her new stomping grounds. We have walked many miles together over the years and still I feel like the journey is just beginning. The path ahead will be full of wonderful adventures for both of us.
We continued our walk along the shore, and the vistas across the water were amazing...
but so were the tiny treasures laying right at our feet. This little creature was happily clinging to a rock exposed on the beach during low tide.
We inspected many rocks along the now uncovered ocean floor and my friend picked this one up because of the pretty markings. Do you see a dove etched in this rock? What an artist Mother Nature is.
There was so much to see, and my friend enjoyed showing it all to me as much as I enjoyed seeing it.
What a beautiful part of the country they live in.
What fun to explore it with them.
Thanks for such a great day guys. Onward and forward into more adventures. Yahoo!

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Bernie said...

I always felt down home was God's country for sure, but I'm sure everyone feels that way about their birthplace........:-)Hugs