Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Day 5 Yarmouth NS- Part 2 Cape Forchu

We eventually made our way to Cape Forchu and wandered around taking many, many, many pictures.
In spite of the windy weather, salty air and rugged coastline, these delicate flowers thrived at Cape Forchu.
The gardeners had to take a closer look. Can't you hear both of them muttering - Hmmm, I wonder if these would grow in our gardens???
We climbed the rugged cliffs...
and took picture after picture after picture. I like this one of the two guys with their cameras. Yep, they took pictures coming and going.
How could we help it with scenes like this everywhere we looked.
Outside the gift shop my friend and I couldn't resist posing for a picture in the big yellow chair we found there. We disobeyed our mothers and actually stood on the furniture - with our shoes on yet! Yikes!
Then we perched on the edge and swung our feet freely like we used to when we were kids. Total fun!
Getting out of this chair however was quite a hoot. We both slid down into the seat and couldn't get up or down. Our gales of laughter didn't help us either.
Oh goodness it was was fun. What great memories we made that day.
At the gift shop I purchases a little stained glass lighthouse like the one seen in the bottom right of the picture below. I placed it right outside my bedroom door, and I think of our fun visit to Cape Forchu every time I pass by it in the mornings. I have seen tiny wooden chairs, like the big one we sat on, in gift shops, used as table decorations, or place card holders, and I am now on the hunt for one. I want to buy one to put beside my glass lighthouse. The two just go together now. I'll post a follow-up picture when I find the chair.
I think we are on our way to Stanley Lobster Co now. See you there tomorrow.

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Bernie said...

I am still chuckling over the yellow chair pictures, looks like fun. I bet the grands enjoyed seeing Grandma in the big yellow chair.....:-)Hugs