Thursday, August 05, 2010

Day 1 - Eleven hour drive to Edmundston

Yes, we had an eleven hour drive to Edmundston on the first day of our holiday. Yikes! We thought we might just drive til we got tired and then find a room wherever we ended up, but soon discovered that this was a very busy weekend to travel and we had better make a few reservations or we might end up in the Bates Motel!

We studied our maps carefully, calculated times and miles then decided that Edmundston would be our first stop and we booked a room. So, come hell or high water, we were bound for that fair city on the first leg of our trip.

We packed a picnic lunch and supper, filled up two travel mugs and two thermoses with coffee at Tim's and we were on our way. Our first stop for lunch was at this rest area in Quebec just past Montreal. We had a nice picnic table with a great view, but we were so happy to stand up for a while, neither of us sat down while we ate.
I circled the table quite a few times whilst munching my egg salad sandwich.
Our picnic spot for supper was at Notre-Dame du-Lac near Degelis Quebec just outside the New Brunswick boarder. Pretty huh?
We unpacked our picnic supper, enjoyed more Tim's coffee...
wandered around taking more picture...
...and posing for pictures...
Then were on our way again. Next stop Edmunston just an hour or so down the road.

Oh joy, we had a nice motel with a level entrance from the car to the room. No stairs or long hallways to manouver with bags. Yahoo!
We even had the extra added attraction of a pretty view.
Now all we needed was a comfy bed and we were all set. ZZZZZZZZ

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Bernie said...

The first time I ever stayed in a motel was in Edmundston, we were in a basketball tournament....just a teenager but we I thought it was great.
Great photos cuppa......:-) Hugs