Monday, August 23, 2010

Day 6 Yarmouth NS - Part 6 - Cape St Mary

Lots of sunshine was sent our way on day six of our holiday, and we happily set off to see another favorite spot our hosts liked to visit - The Cape St Mary Lightstation. I think St Paul was getting tired of having his picture taken, but we weren't about to let him escape completely.
This lighthouse wasn't as pretty as the Cape Forchu one, but it has its own rugged beauty. Much like the coastline all around it, this lighthouse has stood firm through many a stormy blast and seems proud of its weather-beaten appearance. Even on this calm, sunshine filled, beautiful day, the winds were something to contend with. Hold onto you hats everyone!
Again, the vistas were beautiful beyond words...
and the rugged terrain all around us awesome...
But the wonder of the flowers growing in such a tough atmosphere commanded our attention.
As you can see, AC is drawn to these brave inhabitants of this windy cliff top.
Such delicate beauty seemed so amazing in this rugged, and sometimes fierce location.
Lesson learned from these little beauties - Let the stormy winds of life blow around you as they may; just send your roots down deep and bloom where you're planted. You're tougher than you think and you will stand tall again after the storm has passed.
Good bye Cape St Mary, we enjoyed our visit.

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Bernie said...

Loved the lessons learned....Hugs