Saturday, August 14, 2010

Day 4 - Ferry from St John New Brunswick to Digby Nova Scotia

OK, we are on our way to the Princess of Acadia ferry to take us across the Bay of Fundy to Digby Nova Scotia. On our way to the ferry dock in St John we passed this historic site, The Carleton Martello Tower. We had some time to kill before we had to line up for the ferry so stopped to take a picture or two.
Quite a nice view of the Bay of Fundy from the top of the hill...
on this beautiful sunny day.
Soon it was time to make tracks for the ferry terminal to await the arrival of the ship. We wouldn't board until noon, but were told to have our car in the line by at least 10:30.
It was windy, windy, windy at dockside but my trusty Tilley hat kept my hair in place while we waited in the sunshine for word that it was time to get ready to board the ship. We stopped for an extra large Tim's coffee en route to the dock so I was happy to sit and sip and wait.
Once we boarded the ship we sat on the outer deck in the warm sunshine...
but once we got under way...
the winds were gale force it seemed...
so I retreated inside where I spent the rest of the trip. A few brave souls ventured out on the deck from time to time, but came back in looking rather rosy cheeked and windblown. BRRRRR!
AC ventured out on the deck to take some pics of Digby as we approached that shore...
then we were informed to go below deck and find our car in order to prepare for departure. The cars and trucks and campers were jammed in the hold of the ship like sardines.
We were near the door, but we had to wait for all the cars from either side of us to exit before we did.
It was quite the organized production and loading and unloading went smoothly, but I was sure glad to get out of there into the sunshine again once we drove off the ship.

Yarmouth, here we come.


Bernie said...

Oh cuppa I have tears of home sickness reading your post. I have taken that ferry so many times. We use to sit inside playing games and drinking Ceaser's....loved it.
.......:-) Hugs

Cuppa said...

Bernie - I am so glad you came along for the ride and are still with me. I am sure everyone else has abandoned ship!

I am posting all these vacation blogs for my own enjoyment, and to put all my pics in some sort of order so I can go back and take the journey again and again. As I sift through the kazillion pics I took, I hear the laughter, feel the wind in my face, taste the salt spray, and see all the sights afresh and new. Oh joy!

When I read your comments about how much you are enjoying the trip too, I am reminded of the truth of that old saying - "Grief shared is halved, but joy shared is doubled."

Thanks for coming along and doubling the joy.

Grab an extra large coffee because I am only half way through the trip! I promise I will make lots of stops along the way though. See you in Nova Scotia tomorrow.