Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day 2 - St John NB

We are home from Riverwood now, so it's time to get back to the kazillion pics from our trip down East.

We enjoyed a beautiful and uneventful trip from Woodstock to St John's and pulled into the tourist information centre around 4pm. We always look for the big "?" telling us where the nearest Tourist Information centre is wherever we go, and stop in for maps, information on sights to see and of course use the clean bathrooms.

I like this picture taken in St John because I was standing on this walkway puzzled about what I was seeing, and this huge question mark is very appropriate.
The picture below is what I was looking at. I found out later that they were salt flats full of water deposited when the tides come in with great force.
Below is the first view of our B&B. Yikes it certainly was a big house on a BIG hill.
We went right past it at first because it was well hidden from the road and the front steps were all bricked up.
We eventually found the drive leading up to the parking area and took this shot from the gardens at the back of the house.
Below is yet another shot of the house from the street. Actually it was two houses built by two brothers in the 1800's and later joined by an addition put on in 2005 by the present owners. You can read more about this beautiful old building at this link. Homeport B&B
Even though we were impressed with the beauty of the building, we were quite daunted by the stairs leading up to it. It was tough to navigate the narrow concrete stairs with suitcases and things, but we managed the outside...
double staircase...
As well as the narrow winding stairs inside. Puff, pant, gasp!!!
The addition built in 2005 joining the two old homes was a bright airy sitting room/dinning room.
At the end of this hall was the breakfast room were a delicious hot breakfast was served each morning.
The dinning room was saved for formal occasions.
AC and I enjoyed the comfy couch...
and we wandered around taking lots of pictures.
Time to find our room and settle in for a couple of days.
We didn't have our choice of rooms as we left the reservations until the last minute, but even though it only had two single beds, it was comfy and cozy, with a private bath.
And we had a spectacular view of the harbour...
from almost every room in the house.
The chairs did leave something to be desired though.
What a hoot. We laughed and laughed each time we sat in the chairs to check email or plan our next days adventure.


Bernie said...

One thing I remember about Saint John were the hills.....not bad driving but walking was exhausting. ......Those chairs are funny and the B&B looks lovely. I am going to look it up....:-) Hugs

Jinksy said...

Looks like the chairs knew who was king of the castle!

Cuppa said...

Bernie - we didn't do a lot of walking, but we did encounter lots of hills on our many drives around town.
The B&B was lovely and I would recommend it in every way, but the stairs, oh the stairs. I suggested that they hire a high school student to carry bags in and out for guests. They could pay him a minimum wage and I am sure he would make lots in tips! I for sure would have paid him a pretty penny to carry our bags up to our room.

Jinks - those chairs brought us plenty of laughs.