Thursday, August 19, 2010

Day 5 Yarmouth NS - Part 4 - Lobster School

Once we got home from Stanley Lobster we relaxed in the garden...
and of course took a few more pictures...
while St Paul cooked the lobsters.
Then it was time to get to work. First of all it was my turn to don the apron and get my lesson on how to "open" the lobster, and discover what parts to eat, and what parts to leave alone.
White=eat; Orange=eat maybe; Green= leave, leave, leave!
I am not sure what I am tasting here, but don't think I liked it. Oh, it was what? Roe?!! Gulp!
Next it was AC's turn. Apron in place...
and lobster at the ready! AC? Not so much!
He did his best and St Paul seemed to be please with both his students that day. He was a good teacher too.
Thanks St Paul. It was fun, but I don't think either of us will be eating lobster again any time soon.


Bernie said...

Oh cuppa can't believe I have met two people who don't like lobster, oh my my mouth is watering but I agree don't eat the green stuff.

Lorna said...

I think you should consult someone about this obsession with lobsters.