Friday, August 20, 2010

Day 5 Yarmouth NS - Part 5 Evening walk

After our lobster fest, it was time for an after dinner walk down to the waterfront.
On our many walks, some of the houses in Yarmouth reminded me of the Painted Ladies I saw in a book about old homes in San Francisco. Real beauties!
Soon we were at the waterfront and stopped to buy an ice cream at this old converted railway car.
Yum! The ice cream and the scenery - both yummy.We enjoyed the delicious treat while we sauntered along the boardwalk.
Oh, what's this? A gift shop??
Maybe I should go in for a quick peek.
I spent some time on the main floor and then headed up to the attic where they had some most interesting old stuff for sale. I quite liked this window that had been removed from one of the old homes in the area and was now for sale. The others in the party weren't so sure about it though. What do you think? Do you like it or not?
We passed this very interesting old building on one of our walks and of course had to stop for a pic of it. What a unique way to use riverstones to build a wall.
Last but not least, we stopped at the Tourist Information centre to pick up some maps for our trip to Halifax...
then we sauntered home to rest up for the next day. All along the way we were treated to views of marvelous old homes like this one...
and this one...

and this one...
and this one, with the most fabulous Widow's Walk.
What a pretty town. I loved it!


Bernie said...

Don't you just love these old homes Cuppa, so much character. So glad you had such a good visit with your friend.....:-)Hugs

Loner said...

I love these old houses, too. Thanks for all the beautiful pictures - must have been a great trip!