Saturday, August 28, 2010

A-Team visit - Part 1

OK, here we go again. We just got home from our trip to Riverwood with the A Team and I don't think I took 1000 pics, but took quite a few! Now that the family has scattered back to Toronto and Vancouver again I will post lots of pics here for them all to see. Just fair warning that holiday pics will be the main topic of posts for the next few days.

Smudge was very pleased to see the Aunties at breakfast before we set off for the long drive to Riverwood.
Amma was happy to get up close and personal with D3 and D2 too.
No, we didn't plan our outfits to match that day, but they did. Now I need to find a pink bow for my hair!
Somebody looks pleased doesn't she?
Time to colour with Auntie Aly.
D1 and Dad enjoy a snuggle...
then Mommy and son!
Smudge gets a whole new outlook on the world while Auntie Ally looks on.
Amma just enjoys watching all her family together.

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Bernie said...

D1 looka like you cuppa and D2 looks just like AC.....I do hope your week went well. I have been away a few days so am just catching up....:-)Hugs