Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day 6 Yarmouth NS - Part 9 Time to say Goodbye

On the way home from the beach we stopped to meet friends of our friends and toured their large garden.
We were served cold drinks and delicious home made cookies while we visited in their beautiful yard. Some of which can be seen behind AC and Minny in the pic below.
The husband was a wood carver...
and the wife a quilter. Talented huh? There are oh so many talented quilters in the Maritimes. My friend being one of them. I wish I had taken a picture of her latest quilt. It was a real beauty. Maybe she'll send me a picture of it, or a bunch of them, and I'll post them for you. (Hint, hint, hint) She is the most amazing quilter I know.
I am not sure when we visited this gift shop, but think it was that afternoon, and I purchased a few gifts to bring home with me from this shop.
After our busy day, it was time to go home and relax in the garden while St Paul got busy making dinner. Rappie Pie!
Sounds good doesn't it? I didn't know why St Paul kept smiling like he was playing a joke on us each time he said he was making us Rappie Pie for dinner. It's just chicken and potatoes he would say and then smile. Hmmm? What's up with that?

Well it smelled good baking in the oven, and it looked OK on the plate, but let me just say that the texture was something I had a hard time getting past and....we ordered pizza for dinner!

After dinner we went out for our last walk around the town and...yes, took a few more pictures before we said goodbye. We had to check these lobster traps in front of the town hall to make sure they were empty
Ah, the peace and calm of sitting at the waterfront just before sunset, enjoying the company of a good friend.
The memories of all the good times we have shared cascaded around us like the water in this fountain...
and new memories were tucked inside our hearts to take with us as we each went our separate way again.
Goodbye Yarmouth. We enjoyed our visit and will be back again soon.

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