Saturday, October 10, 2009

Wine Tour - cont'd

Day 9 - Part 2

We left Hope BC and continued on our journey through the mountains to Osoyoos. The mountains outside of Hope were lush and covered with trees.
What beauty.
As we got closer and closer to Osoyoos though, the mountains started to change drastically. Lots of brown earth or rock showed through and the trees were sparse.
Ahh, time to get out and stretch. You can see the area of either side of the road was rather dry and rugged.
Here we are getting closer and closer to Osoyoos and the trees are few and far between. Who knew that we had a desert in Canada, and there would be a famous winery there!
This is our first glimpse of Lake Osoyoos, and it isn't too clear in this picture, but lush green areas collar the lake.
This is a view of Lake Osoyoos from our hotel seen to the left in this pic. Yes, we were right on the water.
Actually, we were right in the middle of the water. The hotel was on a isthmus and below is the view across the road from the hotel.
We visited this little gazebo on the water before heading to a nice restaurant for a most delicious dinner. Our waitress was from Quebec and she said she was anxious to go back home. She didn't like the summer temperatures which quite often climbed into the 50's! (120 F) Yikes. now that is HOT!
D3 and I enjoyed a glass of wine at the beginning of the meal...
and D2 and AC approved of the desserts served at the end.
After dinner we took a liesurly walk along the water...
and watched the sun drop below the distance hills.
Then it was time to retreat to our delightful hotel room for a good night's sleep. Our suite had two separate bedrooms, a full kitchen and...
a comfy sitting room.
I was impressed. The beds were clean, the pillows perfect and plentiful, and the towels fluffy. All for only $124 a night. Yes, I was impressed! I once stayed in a 5 star hotel that wasn't nearly as nice, and had no view at all.

So, our vacation is almost at an end. One more day in Wine country and then it is homeward bound to pack up and get ready for the flight home.


Anonymous said...

Those two girls are so cute. No wonder you and A/C seem to be so laid back and full of fun. The pictures of course are beautiful. I ordered me a new camera today. I decided to stick with Kodak with all the bells and whistles. I am gonna be in deep, you know what, If it is me a bad photographer and not my camera. Blessings

Bernie said...

Lovely photo's, I know you were glad to be home but I don't think I am ready for your vacation to end, I am enjoying myself so much with your stories and photo's. Happy Thanksgiving....:-) Hugs

Cuppa said...

QMMM- They are adorable aren't they? Have fun with your new camera.

Bernie - So glad you are enjoying coming along for the ride too. Everything is more fun when shared.

We just got back from our Thanksgiving trip to Riverwood. More photos to come.