Thursday, October 22, 2009

Good morning angels

We had Smudge for a sleepover the other night, and on her way down to the kitchen for breakfast in the morning she stopped at this little table in the hallway and said "Good morning angels!" I thought it was so cute I ran for the camera. Of course she wouldn't say good morning angels again, but she did have quite the visit with the angels.
I don't know what material the angels are made of, but I don't think they are breakable. Just in case though, I tell Smudge to look but don't touch. It is just too hard for her to resist though and she touches them every so gently.

She is quite taken with the picture frame above the angels too. My sister gave this to me one year for my birthday. It is a piece of Smudge's Great-great Grandmother's crocheting, and her Great Grandmother's smocking. I treasure it!


Lorna said...

What a charming child she always seems to be. Like her, I was impressed with the artwork in the frame. Seeing her touch the angels reminds me of the many, many times we've had to tell the girls about something that is "precious" to us but irresistible to them---I hate putting things, other than the toxic ones, away for babies and toddlers, so I've lost a few, but I'm sticking with the inclusive approach.

Lorna said...

I haven't lost any babies or toddlers, just things I thought I really needed but find I can live with the memory of.

Bernie said...

Oh my cuppa, she is so cute, now when she wakes up in the morning you can say to her...Good morning angel"..........:-) Hugs

MNH said...

Well you can tell her us three angels from Sarnia say good morning back.
And that we wish that we all lived closer so we could in real life.