Monday, October 19, 2009

Gettin' into it again...the groove that is.

Groovin'...or trying to get back into it again! Sure isn't easy after all the gallivanting we have been doing. The suitcases are all unpacked and laundry done, but I just can't quite find my groove back here at home. I have lots of things I could tackle, but don't feel like starting any of them. Sigh!

I'm having trouble working out the problems with the antique button bracelets. I have made a few attempts, but they are not quite right yet...
so I will put them aside for a while, and let the process simmer on the back burner of my mind for now. Hopefully the solution will come to me in my sleep.

My art supplies are all set out and ready for me pick up at the slightest whim, but the whim isn't happenin'.
My drum is patiently waiting for me to give it a good thumping, but...silence is golden right now.
I can't quite set my hand to any of these activities right now. Maybe I'll take a coffee to the park and ponder life for another day, and try to get back into the groove tomorrow.

Wish me luck!


Bernie said...

Oh cuppa your bracelets are so pretty...don't worry about getting started on everything, you have all winter to stay inside and work on your projects....enjoy the park while you can.....:-) Hugs

MNH said...

Those bracelets are wonderful!
What a neat idea.

Jinksy said...

I'm all in favour of a quick ponder, at any time! Your button collection must be fabulous...

Cuppa said...

Bernie - I did take a coffee to the park yesterday and enjoyed watching the geese play in the sunshine. Smudge is here for a sleepover tonight, and we hope to take her to the park tomorrow. You are right, there will be plenty of snowy days to work on these projects later. For now I will enjoy the sunshine.

MNH - Thanks. I saw a bracelet something like this in a gift shop up north and decided to come home and try to make one for myself from my mom's button collection. I don't quite have the process down yet, but I'm almost there.

Jinksy - My mom had quite the button collection didn't she? She enjoyed sewing and always had a project on the go. As I sort through her button box now I am flooded with memories of her sitting at her sewing machine happy as a lark to be creating with needle and thread.