Wednesday, October 14, 2009

ThanksgivingTrip - The road to the farm

We are home safe and sound from our Thanksgiving weekend at the farm and I am ready to put our suitcases away for a looooong time! Yep, it's soooo good to be home and about to stay here for a while. We did have the most glorious colourful drive to the farm though, and a wonderful weekend in the country. Nothing quite like turkey with all the trimmings, shared with family around that old kitchen table at the farm. Delicious indeed.

On the day we set out the skies were blue and full of sunshine, and the trees had on their most colourful dresses. What a fabulous combination. From the Ottawa Valley to the Hastings Highlands the scenery was.....
awesome! I snapped hundreds of pics but none of them do justice to what we actually saw at all. A few captured a smattering of the scope and beauty of the landscape though.
Some parts of the road weren't as colourful as others, but beautiful nonetheless.
Then just around the next bend in the road, the colourful shawl was placed over Mother's Nature's shoulders once again and we were speechless at the beauty.
We were on the road for about four hours and...
we were treated to scenes like this almost every minute along the way.
We stopped at a lake or two to stretch our legs, take a breath and of course snap some pictures,
and also had to stop at this delightful Gallery just around the corner from the farm. Well, maybe half and hour down the road, but it seems like it is just around the corner.
I do love to shop at this Gallery. The owner has things I would never find in the city.
Just down the hill from the Gallery's front door is this little Schoolhouse nestled in the woods. It is now a tea room. Pretty isn't it?
Soon we were back in the car for the last leg of the trip. In no time at all we turned into Welcome Lane at the farm and once we unpacked the car, we walked down to the Swimming Hole then around Perimeter Path back to the house. As you can see from the pic below, taken while standing beside the house looking south across the yard, there isn't a lot of colour at the farm, but oh the drive to get there was...I am at a loss for words.
After our walk around to say hello to all the old familiar places, we snuggled into the cozy farmhouse for the night. The next day was cold and very rainy so we didn't poke our noses out the door ALL day. We read books, watched videos, worked on a craft or two, and reeeelaxed! Ahh, now that's better. The next day broke sunny and bright though, so we hit the trails with our cameras in hand. I'll post those pics tomorrow.


Bernie said...

Beautiful photo's and it does sound like a cosy day at the farm. Have a good day my friend..:-) Hugs

methatiam said...

DANG! I swore I would remember it this year: Happy (belated) Thanksgiving!

Cuppa said...

Bernie - It was cozy indeed. We made lots of warm and wonderful memories of another Thanksgiving at the farm.

Me - Thanks for the TG wishes. Belated ones are good too.

Lorna said...

you do take a good photo, and you have a way with words that made for a charming vicarious adventure.