Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Thanksgiving at Riverwood and other things

When we arrived at the Vancouver airport the A Team met us, and on the Skytrain trip to their apt D3 handed me this itinerary. It was 6 pages of detailed notes outlining activities for each and every day of our "Van-cation". We had a busy 10 days with them, and I have had a busy few days posting pics for you to enjoy.
I have been so busy with vacation pics that I have been negligent about posting Jboy and Smudge pics, so here are a few for you Grandmama! Look at this little rascal. He is pulling himself up and standing on his own two feet just like a real person!
And he walks all the way around the ottoman now. Goodness, he grew in the 10 days we were away.
Smudge was very happy to see us again, and could hardly wait to go for a ride to the store with Buppa and Amma. Here she is doing her flower inspection duty. What a sweetie.
We also enjoyed a trip to the park with her.
Isn't she getting tall and thin?
Autumn is in full swing here, so we are setting off on a colour weekend at Riverwood tomorrow. As you already know, we have a very slow dial-up connection there so we won't be posting much of anything while we are there. I do have a few more posts of vacation pics that will auto-publish while we are away though so be sure to check back if you want to see those. For now, I leave you with this picture of the colour making an appearance at our local park. Pretty huh?
I'll talk to you all again when we get home.

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Bernie said...

Happy Thanksgiving my friend, the little ones are so cute.....enjoy your weekend......:-) Hugs