Sunday, October 04, 2009

Celtic Music, Gastown, and Gallery Gachet

After our afternoon at the beach we were off for an exciting night at The Atlantic Tap & Gill for a fish and chip dinner and some rousing live Celtic music.
When we got there though, we discovered that the pub was right across the street from BC Place and there was a football game that night. The pub was jam packed and beyond rowdy.
We decided that we would pass on our fish and chip dinner and live music at the Tap and Gill, and opted for a walk to Gastown instead. We enjoyed a quite dinner at this quaint little street-side pub there. Ahh, the perfect choice. We didn't miss the stompin' celtic music at all. It was so relaxing to sit and watch the night-life pass by, while we had our dinner under the stars.After dinner we discovered that we weren't far from Gallery Gachet, an interesting little gallery that was presenting a photo exhitit by S D Holman, entitled Stealing Masculinity. We sauntered over there, and were just in time to hear the artist talk about her work. I found it very interesting, but the gallery was hot, there were not enough seats for everyone to sit down, and it was getting late, so we didn't stay for the whole show.
It was time to make tracks for home and rest up for another busy day tomorrow.

Stay tuned, lots more pics to come.

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