Monday, October 12, 2009

Osoyoos - cont'd

Just beside the desert cultural centre is the Nk'mip resort and Nk'mip winery.
In the middle of a desert this native band has carved out this jewel of a winery.
If you ever get to this corner of the world, it is a must see.
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.
After our visit to the Cultural Centre and winery, we ventured back down into the valley and had a picnic lunch on the shores of Lake Osoyoos.

It was a warm day but VERY windy! Winds gusts were up to 50k's and we could hardly keep our food on the table. We managed though and had a delicious lunch...
before making tracks for home.
We just had to stop and get some Okanagan Valley fruit to munch on during our upcoming flight home.
As we got closer and closer to Vancouver again, the desert receded and we were once again in the lush green mountains.

What a trip of extreme landscapes. Each one beautiful in their own right.


Kathy Trejo said...

OSooo beautiful! Looks like a ton of fun! :)

Bernie said...

I don't think there is a prettier spot on earth than when in the them.
Your photo's are beautiful....Hugs

Cuppa said...

Kathy - it was beautiful and tons of fun!

Bernie - I agree. There is something so amazing about standing in the shadow of a mountain.