Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Day 6 - Bard on the Beach

Sitting on the beach in front of the girl's apt building we could look across the water and see all these white tents and red flags. What is that we wondered. We soon found out it was Bard on the Beach, an acting company presenting live Shakespearean plays on the beach. Well, we just had to get tickets. D2 went online right away and managed to get tickets to attend Othello. Today was the day for Bard on the Beach. Yahoo!
We picked up our tickets at this main gate...
and then lined up for about five minutes before the doors opened.
Wow, such a beautiful setting.
We didn't mind the wait at all.
We got seats in the second row, and this was our view of the stage. It was amazing.
We took a cab there, but walked back home, and I took this pic of the festival area from the Burrard Bridge.
I also took this shot of the girl's apt building, Sunset Beach, English Bay and Stanley Park from the Burrard Bridge. Everything was within easy walking distance of the girl's apt. What a fabulous spot they live in.

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Bernie said...

I would think seeing Othello would of been wonderful. Your daughters live in a beautiful part of Vancouver Cuppa, walking almost everywhere and the scenery is breathtaking.....great photos and yours and A/C visit with your girls shows the strong bond of a family with love for each other.