Monday, October 26, 2009

Busy Weekend

Yes we have had a busy few days babysitting the munchkins while Mommy visits The A Team in Vancouver, but lots of fun was had by all. The Smudgster wanted to tend to her colouring as soon as she got home from her Music Together class with Daddy on Saturday morning, and Amma just had to get into the act too.
Smudge's hair is now long enough to put in Poodle Ears. Some people call them pig tails, or pony tails, but I always think of pig tails as braids, and pony tails as one "tail" at the back of the head. My mom always called this hair style Poodle Ears and so...the trend continues.
Smudge thought they were just grand thank you very much, but they gave Daddy fits at music class. They kept coming loose and he had a bit of a time getting them fastened again. She came home looking a bit frazzled, but Amma soon had her looking like a cute little Poodle again.


Anonymous said...

She is absolutely precious. Yes they are more like poodle ears. She is very photogenic.

Bernie said...

Oh cuppa you are so blessed with such a beautiful family...smudge is a real sweetie.....:-) Hugs