Monday, October 05, 2009

Day 4 - Birthday Adventure

The birthday surprise took us to the Vandusen Botanical Gardens for the Zimsculpt exhibit. Here we see AC and D2 and D3 trying to take the same pose as the faces in the poster. What a hoot.
AC and I had a good chuckle over it.
Three young men from Zimbabwe were the artists in residence and worked on sculptures that were placed throughout the gardens.
Once inside, it was time to grab a cup of coffee, then sit and look at the map before setting off along one of the trails.

The sculptures were amazing and added a very special touch to the gardens. This sculpture was done in springstone. It is naturally a whitest-grey colour. The black is added by rubbing the stone with wax and polishing it.
We also saw lots of plant "sculptures" too. I thought this dragon with a flower coat was especially cute.
AC thought this group deserved a pat on the head.
Beautiful isn't it?
We joined a tour group, and at one point along the trail decided that it was time for a rest. These old legs sure got weary some days. We did a LOT of walking! A lot!
AC and D2 riding the surf with the leafy guy behind them.
AC and I getting ready to make a slap-shot with the leafy hockey player behind us before setting off for home.
We finished off the most amazing day with a BBQ dinner on the beach.

D2 cooked delicious chicken burgers for us...
while AC and I sipped coffee and snuggled on the bench.
D3 took lots of pics.
Ah, this is wonderful.

We stayed on the beach until the sun set, then we toddled over to the apartment to play some board games.
What a wonderfully fabulous day. Thanks A Team for making it such a memorable one.

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