Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Typical day at the Grands

Just like Amma, Smudge does enjoy a good cuppa tea. First thing in the morning, even before she helps Buppa with his crossword puzzle, she goes straight to the tea cart and gets her tea set out. You can see a late-in-the-afternoon tea party here.
After breakfast and her refreshing cup of tea, she likes to help Buppa with his music lessons.
Then it is out to the porch (or as she would say, morch) to take care of a few things out there. I have a bear that belonged to Auntie Ally and it sits out on the porch dressed in different outfits for each season. This time of year it wears the outfit that Smudge wore for her first Halloween. You can see her modeling the outfit here.
Oh my, how she has grown. In this pic, Smudge has already removed the bear's hat, and would like to get the pumpkin outfit off too.
When she realizes that she can't get the pumpkin outfit off the bear, she tries to get the turkey outfit off the pumpkin.
That sounds strange doesn't it, but when you see the pics it makes perfect sense right? Right?
She couldn't get either outfit off, so it was time to go back inside the house and read a story with Amma.
Then off to the park for a swing...
watch the geese fly by overhead...
then return home for some lunch, a bit of quiet time and a nap.
Amma needed a nap too. Puff, pant, gasp, she does keep us busy!


Bernie said...

and I bet you loved every minute of it....oh she is so cute....Hugs

Cuppa said...

Bernie - I did!